Proweight Batch Weighers offer you a fast and accurate way to weigh and pack your products quickly and easily.  Our machinery gives you total flexibility on product, pack size and packaging all in one machine that is easy to operate, maintenance free, will quickly repay the initial investment and carry on working for another 20+ years.

Proweight have a range of batch weighers to suit businesses of all sizes whether you are a retailer looking to free up some valuable time or an established manufacturer in need of extra weigh-filling capacity.  In use throughout the UK and worldwide, our customers rely on Proweight batch weighing equipment to support and expand their product distribution.

Established in 1978, Proweight have been building batch weighers and weighing systems for over thirty years so why not take advantage of our experience.

Contact us for more information, take a look at our machines in action on Youtube - you can find a link on our Batch Weigher pages or come and visit us in Nottingham.