Proweight Vacuum Loaders

Proweight are proud to manufacture our very own vacuum loader. Not only does it speed up the entire weighing operation, it also reduces the risk of using ladders to manually fill the hopper by hand, with the loader bin being waist height makes it a doddle to keep your machine topped up. 

All our vacuum lifters work in conjunction with the weighing machine, when it detects that the product is running low inside the main hopper, the vacuum loader will kick into action and quickly refill so you can continually weigh your product until you're done without having to keep checking how much you have left.

There's many options you can have,  for example.
  • Wheeled or Fixed Feet 100Ltr Loader Bin
  • Stainless Steel / Mild Steel Contact Parts
  • Automatic or Manual Refill Option
For more information regarding the vacuum loaders, please get in touch.

  • Proweight Automatic with Vacuum Loader
  • Stand alone Vacuum Loader
  • Proweight Hopper Bin
  • Wheeled Hopper Bin