Platform Scales

Proweight have been designing and building bespoke platform scales for the past 40years. We pride ourselves in making tough, durable and long lasting platforms which will do the job for many many years, and not a few months like off the shelf platform scales.

We fully bespoke build to your exact requirements, whether its sunken into the floor or floor mounted, 50kg to 50,000kg the options are endless.

With our experienced in house designers working with you to specifically design a platform suitable for your needs, be sure to get the right platform for you.

  • Floor Mounted
  • Floor Level
  • Capacity is optional
  • Removeable Top Plate for Access
  • 12 month Calibration Certificate 
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty 
The image to the left is a recent floor level platform scale for weighing pallets for dispatch, making it easy to roll pallets on and off with the use of a pallet truck.

If you'd like more information on platform scales, don't hesitate to get in touch.