The New Proweight Compact Batch Weigher!

The latest addition to the Proweight range is the Compact Batch Weigher.  Developed as an entry level replacement to the Proweight Standard Sem-Auto Batch Weigher, the Compact has all the key capabilities of its predecessor.  If you are currently packing by hand and struggling to keep up with demand this machine could be perfect for your business.  The Compact enables a single operator to weigh and pack your product in half the time it would take by hand and makes the process quicker, easier and more accurate.

The base model features and specification are as follows:-

  • Proweight Delta Indicator (single display, 5 button keypad, scroll through menu to set up)
  • Footswitch start
  • 30 Litre bulk hopper
  • 6.5 Litre tipping pan
  • 8 - 10  1kg packs per minute
  • Stainless steel contact parts making it ideal for all types of free-flowing materials including food products such as tea, coffee, cereals, seeds and wholefoods.
  • A compact bench-mounted machine.

The Compact can be upgraded with any of the following optional extras:-

  • Proweight Excel Indicator
  • Auto-cycle start
  • 70 Litre bulk hopper
  • Floor stand with braked wheels
If you think Proweight Batch Weighers could help your business  or to arrange  a demonstration here in Nottingham using your own products please contact us by Clicking Here.